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Doover Partners

Doover is a software platform that enables business's and entrepreneurs to provide 'remote-control-and-telemetry-as-a-service' to their customers, providing web based remote control for a subscription fee. Existing business's can use Doover software to convert their existing products into services and entrepreneurs can use Doover as a turn key telemetry solution in their product technology stack. Want to talk to a person? Get in touch.

Becoming a Partner

To become a Doover Partner, you sign up, create your themed Doover Website, install Doover drivers onto off the shelf hardware and provide your new product to your customers. Users who recieve the product are sent an invitation link where they can sign up to your themed Doover website and enter their payment details for the subscription their telemetry enabled product. Partners are able to set their own subscription and pay Doover a small percentage of each subscription payment. For an explanation of Doovers pricing schedule, see the fees. See the becoming a Partner tutorial for more detailed sign-up explanation.

Developing Doover Drivers

Doover has a python library pyDoover. All drivers are written in python for a range of different devices. Regardless of the device, you can implement features from your favourite python library on your Doover device. To learn more about the different types of drivers and how to make you're own see our developer docs here.

Off-the-shelf Hardware

Doover supports a wide range of hardware, any device that has an internet connection can be a Doover device. For example:

  • LoRaWAN devices (with a gateway)
  • MQTT devices
  • Linux computers
  • PLC's

Different types of devices require slightly different Doover drivers. To learn more about the different Doover Drivers and how to make your own take a look here

Next Step...

To become a Doover Partner, find more detailted instructions on how to sign up here. For more information on what it takes to get a Doover driver for your application, go here. To learn more about the different hardware compatible with Doover, look here.